Meet The Team!


The Krall Family are members of the Radford Baptist Church and are very excited about being a part of the team heading to Uganda, Africa.  We have never traveled to Africa before so we are anxiously waiting. Building a home for Baby Robert will be a grateful gift to give to him and his family.  We are thrilled to meet the community to spread our love and joy for the Lord.  God has a plan for our family and we feel this is part of his plan giving back to our church and to spread the gospel.   
Chuck works in the construction field and he will be taking his skills to Africa to help build a house and other projects.  During his spare time he likes to watch Nascar racing, hunting and being with his family.  “I live, eat and breathe for the Lord Jesus Christ”.
Sue works with the Bedford County Public Schools. She is helping with Serving His Children before the trip getting mailings ready and helping with fundraising.  Although she has never been to Africa, she always had a special place in her heart for Africa.  During her spare time, she likes doing crafts, bake and support her daughter Briana on the softball team. 
Briana (19) is a senior in high school this year and will be graduating a week before she heads to Africa.  She plans to attend Virginia Western Community College after graduation.  She is still undecided as to what she wants to major in.  She loves to play softball, 4 wheeling, and hanging out with her friends.  She is blessed to have the Lord Jesus Christ in her heart.  “My cup runneth over for the great love that he gives”.
Matthew 19:26 – Thank you, Lord, that with you all things are possible and I can face the seemingly impossible situations in my life with faith and hope.

Jessie Blevins (18) graduates from High School the week before we leave and has been planning a trip to Africa for a year!  She is a competitive swimmer and plans to attend the Liberty University School of Nursing in the fall.  Her nursing career will begin in Uganda as she teaches nutrition and healthcare to Ugandan children and their families!

Denise McIntyre never knew that going to Africa would be such a burden in her heart until she watched the girl next door who used to gallop across the field on her horse grow up into a young missionary woman running a full time ministry in Uganda.  God used Renee’s stories to fuel a passion to be with African children that brought Denise to this team.  Denise enjoys singing in the choir and working with the younger children in Awanas and showing her horse in local western pleasure competitions.  When she is in Africa, she will leave behind her husband, Redd, who will keep an eye on all the neighborhood horses!

 The Bach family has been a part of SHC from its beginning, but this will be the first trip to Uganda for the Bach brothers!  We are excited about this trip for many reasons other than having a chance to spend some time with Renee and Selah; a chance to help Robert’s family will be a blessing to us and we are anxious to see what great things God will do through us in that community.  It is our prayer that we will be able to leave a lasting impact for Christ in all those that we meet!
Glendon (18) will be leaving mid May to begin gathering supplies and start the foundation for Robert’s house.  He graduates from High School the first part of May and will be joined by his cousin Nick Fisher who will also be a part of our team.  He plans to attend Virginia Western Community College in the fall.
Eileen (16) can hardly wait to be back in Uganda and hug some children!  She spent Jan of 2010  there and is planning to travel there with us but extend her stay through part of the summer to help Renee at the house with the childen.  Eileen is active in the Radford Youth Group and participates on the dance team.
Dennis (14) is excited about being in Africa after 3 years of looking at pictures and hearing stories – Uganda will soon be a very real place for him!  He plans to bring his skateboard along with a few extras to share and hopes to make some friends to skate with – he may be the first skateboarder that most of the boys there will meet!
Marcus was in Uganda in 2008 and is ready to go back!  He will be working as the volunteer coordinator on the house project and will keep the project moving and will no doubt enlist the help of the many village children who will be watching the Mazungus (white people) work!
Lauri has made 2 trips to Uganda and is always ready for a reason to return!  As Stateside Director for SHC she is already involved in it’s daily operations.  She will be organizing the Healthcare Evangelism classes that we will teach in the community.

Nick Fisher (19) is a Bach cousin and has been hearing about Africa since Renee’s first trip.  He lives in MD and is a student at Harford Community College.  Nick will leave in May with Glendon to gather supplies and get the foundation ready for us to start putting up walls when we arrive